It is our mission to train students in Northern Fairfax County and Eastern Loudoun County to love the Lord and love their neighbors as themselves, joyfully preparing them for lifetimes of rebuilding culture, families and other institutions in ways that glorify Christ and that serve their neighbors. It is also our mission to build culture today around our school community. It is our vision to create more and more fun and robust Christian fellowship for our students, parents, families, staff, friends and others through classes, clubs, student performances, fieldtrips, family BBQ’s, game nights, parent book studies and many other activities.

Learn to Read. Learn to Think. Live for Christ.

Our curriculum and activities are consciously designed to promote these goals.
• Reading is taught using phonics. Nearly all 4 year olds learn to read and the top Kindergarteners read on a second grade level by the end of the year.
• We offer a challenging academic program JK-12. In addition to great classes in math and science, we teach students to be thoughtful about reading, writing, speaking, and communicating.
• Students narrate stories and learn to find the good and bad characters.
• Students learn to find ideas in literature, comparing those ideas to eternal principles in the Word of God. This follows the command that we should be Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.

Oak Hill Distinctives

• We recognize that education is a parental responsibility.
• We prepare students to be culture builders with a Christian foundation:
o based on a belief in the Triune God (Love the Lord God);
o committed to family (Honor father and mother);
o helping others for the glory of God (love your neighbor as yourself).
• We teach our great heritage of limited government and free markets.
• We are not like every other private school. We do not imitate trends or public schools.

Our Future Goals We pray to…

• Continue to grow our community with like-minded families;
• Educate students to be thoughtful and persuasive communicators;
• Train our students to have:
o Good manners, habits and organization,
o Beautiful penmanship and presentation, and
o A truthful understanding of how to worship God.
• Engage the students in a Christian culture that they will want to imitate and continue within their own future families.

RLT and SKT with Children